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FML or Technic Launcher FAIL - HELP PLEASE!

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idk if I'm in the right place for this, kinda new but help would be huge right now!!!

I have read through forums and haven't found anyone with my problem(CLOSE but not really what's happening to me), tried their "solutions" but those only made things worse(not to mention I'm kind of a newb, sorry).

1st I'm on a MacBook pro v10.8.4

I deleted ALL files, EVERYTHING even MC and re-downloaded both MC and Tecnic Launcher if that helps you guys understand where I'm at.

Now I am at a fresh start!

Hokay so, when I start Technic Launcher everything is fine, I select Hexxit and click launch. log-in works fine & 100% no updates found. NEXT, the white screen window comes up and fml BEGINS to load in front...after a second of what seems like fml finished loading(without a blue loading bar going across the bottom and no mojang screen to speak of)both of the screens disappear and nothing loads...... =[

I have gotten Hexxit to open once or twice when I FIRST downloaded the technic launcher, hence why I wiped everything and started over. If anyone can help PLZ let me know, I really enjoyed the few minutes I got to play and from what I've seen on youtube I haven't even scratched the surface!

Much thanks,


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Owh... Idk but i can give you a modpack similar to Hexxit, it just adds thaumcraft and other magical mods if that's ok with you, It's essentialy hexxit with other magical mods, widen the variety! Oh, and did i mention there was equivelent Exchange and Ars Magica?

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Yeah, what version of Java do you have installed? Open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app and type:

which java

java -version

ls -la /usr/bin/java

Paste the results of these commands and I can investigate.

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