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[3.1.2] Social Disorder [PVE/Light PVP] [30 Slots] [24/7] [GriefPrevention, LWC] [EE Enabled]


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Server is now offline on a semi-permenant basis. Someday it may come back up, but until then Social Disorder is now closed.


Social Disorder is basically a server my friend and I bought because we could not find any server we wanted to play on after days and days of trying to find one. No server had exactly the featureset we liked. What are the features we like? Well here's a few.

-We wanted a server that didn't just give you everything to start. We enjoy working for high level items because it makes them worth it.

-We wanted a server that didn't restrict tons and tons of stuff. Sure, we understand a few bans are necessary, but it shouldn't get in the way of fun.

-We wanted a server where the staff wouldn't complain about our projects for minor reasons, and wouldn't tell us to do things because "They said so."

-We wanted a server that wouldn't ban and kick over minor infractions, because sometimes breaking the rules is funny.

There are a lot of servers that allow some of these things, but we could never find one that fit all of them. So we decided to make our own. That's what this is.

Hope to see you on the server!

Side Note - If you find anything weird about the way the server operates, complaints about banned items (And you have a good reason), items you want banned (And you have a good reason), glitches in the plugins, etc. etc. Please tell us! We want to hear your complains/suggestions and won't punish you for them.



Website - http://commiecatgirl.com/SocialDisorder/

If the server is down it will be back up when an admin gets on (Which is often) or on the hour (When the autorestart happens) so just be patient if it happens! Thanks!




[1] Don't break stuff.

[2] Don't steal stuff.

[3] Don't murder someone if they ask you not to.

[4] None of these rules are set in stone unless what you're doing is purposely disruptive for no reason other than to troll people. If someone starts complaining about you, please desist.

[5] If you do something that would normally get you in trouble, but it's hilarious, you'll likely be forgiven.

[6] Please don't just give out huge numbers of rare items. We like people to work for what they have!

[7] Please shut off your huge automated machines when you leave. You can have them, but be considerate because they lag the server pretty bad.

[8] Have fun! (Or else!)


Banned Items


World Anchor

Teleport Tether

Dimensional Anchor

Gem Armor

Lenses and Catalysts

Nukes and Cannons

DM Pedastal

Block Breaker

Mining Laser

Computercraft Items (All Of Them)


Mercurial Eye

Black Hole Chest

Crystal Chests


Both Nova

Both Amulets

Right clicking with the Philospher's Stone (Just the right click)

Right clicking with Ring of Arcana (Just the right click)


Unbanned For Testing Purposes (If People abuse these and destroy the server they're rebanned.)


Gem of Eternal Density

Red Matter Katar and Morningstar

Gem Armor

Watch of Flowing Time






Tekkit Restrict

Grief Prevention








CommieCatGirl - Co-Owner

Hyren575 - Co-Owner

Pastrygator - Admin/Our Friend Who Knows How The Server Works And Was Nice Enough To Set It Up For Us And Manage It Because We're Idiots And He Didn't Have To Pay For It

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We're setting up a website and discussing the possiblity of expanding the server as we speak. We're somewhat surprised by the unexpected number of people who are playing.

Also we're setting up a method of donating to fund the server. We're never going to ask anyone directly for donations or make anything donator only, but we're making the option available.

The website is linked in the new message of the day if you're interested in checking it out.

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Everything should be back up now. Also a server upgrade has been payed for so at some point soon we should have 24 slots available. If it takes too long we may have to look into finding a host with better customer service!

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Sorry about that. We've been having server trouble (Regular crashes) for the last two days. It's why we're upgrading the server. If the server goes down it should come up either within a couple minutes (If an admin is on) or on it's own on the hour.

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This so far has been a godlike experience - the people are nice, owners (?) are nice and don't say "Just wait for it to come online" and tell what's happening, and the fact that the server keeps crashing makes me remember that I have to go to sleep. Yay

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Alright, here's an update on what's goin' on.

First of all, sorry to anyone who was on the server over the last couple hours. I was running some major troubleshooting and server work to get the crashes under control and had to restart the server about 20 times. But that's HOPEFULLY done with now. To be a little more specific, the server should be less laggy, less crashy, and I'm pretty sure I solved the glitch that was causing people to randomly lose their inventory.

To be technically specific, I edited the hack kickking because it was causing the inventory glitch and I reduced the number of chunks the server would keep loaded by about 2000. The only noticable difference is when you're flying fast you can see the chunks in the distance load and when you warp somewhere everything has to load back in. However for the most part it's made everything less laggy and hopefully the server load will be reduced enough to stop it from crashing so much.

Unfortunately I can't fully confirm this until peak hours happen, when we have a full server. Hopefully though it won't keep crashing when that happens.

Other note, the server hosting company we're using is being atrociously slow with our server upgrade. We fully payed for the upgrade to 24 slots almost two days ago now and nothing. If we don't see a change by Friday we may have to switch hosts.

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Also I'd like to directly apologize to Skylord Spilly for allowing him to get caught up in a spat completely unrelated to him just as he joined because it happened to be taking place at spawn.

If you're readin' this, Spilly, we'd love to have you back.

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ok- this probably sounds terribly rude to you, so i'll get it over with. the forums are dull :c if you haven't checked out enjin yet, please look at it. i checked out if it is free, and one of the plans is. sorry for the disruption.

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They're not supposed to be excited because we don't particurly care about them other than as a way to get basic info across.

Anyway the server upgrade came through. We now have 30 slots. However that brings with a new problem that worries me in that I'm pretty sure that number itself is a mistake because we payed for 24. We have 30 slots but the memory for 24.

We'll see what happens.

Edit - Good news and bad news. The server still crashes sometimes after the upgrade. That's the bad news. The good news is that confirms my suspicions that it ISN'T a memory issue since the server has been running cool since the upgrade. That means it's something I can fix if I can find the problem and stop whatever is causing the crash.

Other note about crashing, it's definitely crashing less. At the height of the crashes it was going down every 10 minutes. It's down to about every thirty minutes to an hour and a half. My fiddling before definitely helped the issue. It just didn't solve it.

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I'm going to be spending as much time as I need to fixing this. If I have to literally do nothing outside of going to work, eating, and sleeping until I fix this, I will.

Edit - Might might might have fixed it. It hasn't crashed in a while. Here's hoping it stays that way.

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