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[3.1.2] Tech Elites - 50 slots [24/7] [PvP] [EE Enabled]


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Genuinely a great server, highly recommended. Brings the true feeling of Tekkit back with only the bare necessities banned. This server truly has great potential and if comendeared correctly will, hopefully, be the greatest one out there.

Great community, helpful staff, still growing. So if I was you I would head on over and join us to be the people who build this server to the greatness it deserves

- William Briscoe

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Join our JwoCraft Tekkit Server! We have around 10 people on at once, it's a good community and staff!


Jwocraft is fully up and running as a 24/7 Tekkit Survival server. Minimal banned items with great perks for Donors! Live streams and events each week. We look forwards to seeing you! =D

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