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Mobs not spawning SSP


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I've had a load of issues with Hexxit, but managed to read the forums and fix most of them, at least passibly. Until this one, which I can't find anything similar.

Mobs will not spawn except from spawners. Except for when I log in, where I'll get appropriate spawns at the time I log in, but none thereafter. This seems to not affect non-hostile mobs, as they're out and about in regular numbers. But hostile mobs don't exist.

This is seriously curtailing my creeper hunting. :(

Any ideas?

I have no additonal mods in place except Optifine U D5, but I've reset the pack and no change. I have updated LWJGL to 2.9 with no effect. I'm at the extent of my limited knowledge.

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Check if your in peaceful? XD.

Just kidding. THat is a weird problem... Was your old world from a past verson and went through a update? do you live in a mushroom biome? Only two I can think off of the top of my head.

Nope. For me spawns just stopped. Didn't notice for a bit as I was building in a well lighted area over water, so I'm not even really sure when it exactly started. I noticed when I finished and left and went looking for some creepers for my creeper soul gem (wanted a gunpowder farm) and couldn't find any. Then I noticed I couldn't find anything at all that wasn't out of a spawner. Never changed a setting.

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i have the same problem. i started using hexxit and their server 3 weeks ago. everything was fine until a week ago, all hostile mobs ceased to spawn except thru normal mob spawners. i am at my wits end. the only thing i did was op myself on my server to admin it while i was at my sisters place, i know i am in survival since spawner mobs do attack me.

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