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Tekkit Challenges

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i was bored so i thought of making a list of challenges you could do in Tekkit and post below what should be added to the list

make a quarry

make a red matter furnace

make a MK3 energy condenser flower

make a tree/wheat/rubber tree farm

make a MK3 relay

make some geothernal generator

make a infinite fuel generator

make some nukes

make a red matter shovel/pickaxe/axe

make a nuclear reactor

make seven macerators and power with

geothermal generators

make atleast 3 overclockers for each macerator

make 3 or more recyclers and a mass fabricator

make a MFSU

make some traintracks that go somewere cool

make a cool factory

make a catalyst lens

make a swiftwolfs rending gale

make a alchemy bag

make a philosophers stone

make a talisman of repair

make a mercurial eye

make a void ring and have some fun teleporting around

make a full quantum suit set

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These are all generic. Make some creative challenges with detail. Things like:

Create a geothermal powerplant in the nether, using lava lakes as your source. Then, find a way to transfer the power to the overworld for use there.

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