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No Nether Fortresses?


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Long story short, i have a Hexxit Server up for me and my friends...

after exploring the nether we found lots and lots of Nether citys from the better dungeon mod...However after never finding a Nether Fortress, i decided to op my self and start using FLY to look for one. I simply cant find ANY fortresses at all! Normally fortresses are everywhere and easy to find.

so do i just need to keep looking? or have they been replaced by the better dungeon nether city's?

Im desperately trying to get some Wither bones and i believe the nether fortresses are the best way to do that.

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You can fly right past them. They can be buried in netherrack.

Branch mining with a gap smaller than a netherfortress between?

Take a copy of the world and cheat in TNT? Don't use too much or you won't leave a piece of the fortress to see.

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The ceiling is 256m from bedrock. In the overworld I've seen a shadow on the water and had to stand under a floating town and look up for it to be rendered.

Edit: Minecraft wiki says Nether Brick shows up from 19-86. Common from 48-66. Nether Brick only shows up in nether fortresses. These are for 128 max build height.

You could lower the frequency of the mod structures, then go to new chunks.

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