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  1. my nether is very open..I flew thousands of blocks and never saw a hint of a fortress.... just nether city after nether city.
  2. Long story short, i have a Hexxit Server up for me and my friends... after exploring the nether we found lots and lots of Nether citys from the better dungeon mod...However after never finding a Nether Fortress, i decided to op my self and start using FLY to look for one. I simply cant find ANY fortresses at all! Normally fortresses are everywhere and easy to find. so do i just need to keep looking? or have they been replaced by the better dungeon nether city's? Im desperately trying to get some Wither bones and i believe the nether fortresses are the best way to do that.
  3. what bugs? can you point me in the right direction please? there are so many threads i dont know where to start
  4. http://www.prnwatch.com/prio_x64.exe http://www.prnwatch.com/prio.exe either of those will do it, i have been using priority saver for years, it also adds a a few nice features to task manager, for example; hovering your mouse over processes and services now gives detailed info. start your game, tab out to windows find the process and select high priority, now it will save the priority you select, and whenever you use that program from now on it will always be set to whatever you selected.
  5. I'm going to throw my2 cents in, Remove EE, I don't know one single person who uses It on any server, Its the first thing that gets disabled/removed. It is completely cheating, and 100% unbalanced. Now endgame tekkit... quantum armor is cheating too but at-least that takes a while to get.
  6. so hard to resist quoting Samuel L Jackson!! seriously man you have to elaborate more, your words ....they make no sense. what are your trying to ask?
  7. TopAce6

    ICBM Mod

    oh man, i cant wait for this! it will give more use for blast resistant building materials, and explosives are always fun!
  8. I have been wanting the exact same information myself, but i havent been able to locate it. If you do find it please post it here.
  9. i find that its always something stupidly simple when none of my factory's/machines work. BTW what texture pack is that?
  10. turn off AA manually in your graphics card control panel.
  11. I have had the exact same issue myself,... on several maps. i run plain old tekkit no mods to note. i flew 49k blocks and nothing but ocean after the first 2k blocks. this has happened in several worlds i created but not all.
  12. Im confused about soothing, i keep hearing mo creatures is already in 3.1.1, but as i have been running 3.1.1 since it became available i have never seen Mo Creatures anywhere in any files.
  13. Now that forestry is gone, how can i get IC2 power to run Buildcraft Machines? Before, i used the Foresty engine to convert energy, which method should i use now?
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