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Top of dark tower missing


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The problem is the Dark Tower must have generated on a hill, or in an especially high part of the world. No blocks can be generated above the build limit, so the top (and the Ur-Ghast arena) was not generated. This could be avoided by adding a build-limit increasing mod to your instance of Hexxit, but I am sad to say that your adventure to get to the Ur-Ghast was fruitless, and cannot bear fruit, since it has already been generated as-is. I'm very sorry. But by the way, thank you. I had no idea that Nether Chocobos could fly, so thanks for that picture.

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The base of the tower is at level 37. Sea level in that dimension seems to be 32, so it's not especially high.

The other side effect of that ground level is that some of the dungeons which normally appear underground in the overworld are floating in the air in this dimension. Looks pretty crappy.

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