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Does Soul Stealer enchant work?


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I tried adding the Soul Stealer enchant from Harken Scythe to a sword, but when I kill mobs, they never drop a soul. I enchanted a regular diamond sword, so it doesn't have the Asgard Shield blocking mechanism, and I made sure I'm not holding a shield. When I right-click with the sword, it just blocks like usual, so I can't harvest like with a scythe, and killing a mob with the sword just drops its normal loot, no soul.

Anyone else gotten this enchantment to work?

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Has anyone tried the TC longsword or a bow? They both have a right click charge.

You can go for the egg collecting enchantment instead so you can collect the souls later in a controlled environment with a glaive or scythe.

Can you get blood and a soul from the same mob? (Blood and soul stealer on the same weapon.)

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