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Harken Scythe discussion


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I think the systems are pretty interesting, I mean you can kill any mob, animate its soul with the Necronomicon then bind it to your will as a companion pet. Pretty frikkin cool if you ask me.

I'm just now starting Biomass Farming, which involves creating a corrupted farmland with Soul Sand and creep (like the Zerg in Starcraft, it even spreads on its own), stabbing the farmland with a glaive, planting a seed you've crafted then soaked in blood, and then watering it with more blood to quicken growth.

I don't care how useful or useless that stuff is, it's fun to figure out and play with.

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I think Hexxit adds a lot of very cool and unique gameplay elements, they're just not balanced properly, not yet anyway.

Until there's a system in place for easily balancing loot tables, dungeon spawns, and item stats, all without jumping into editing the .jar files directly, then Hexxit is going to be a mashup of mods authors ideas of how things are "balanced" relative to vanilla minecraft, and not the Hexxit compilation specifically.

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