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Defense Mechanisms


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I've been trying to think of defense mechanisms for bases in Big Dig, and I though that the forums would be a good way to hear interesting ideas for ways to keep pesky intruders out of your base. By all means, if you have a good idea for base defenses and want to share them, post them here!

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The fortron has several modules that can change the way things work for it, such as confiscate items from intruders or prevent opening of crates.

Also there is the sentry turret. Although the range is very limited for it, it can be rather effective for the casual (and unarmored) player. They require constant power, bullets, and ultra simple programming to setup.

Next up is the EMP tower, who's sole purpose is to counter missiles and those pesky power armor user's capacitor. Ive seen it negate every last bit of power off my suit's 30M MJ's. Externally activated via radar, but radar does not have any way to differentiate friend or foe, so it never activates.

Railgun has to be manned by a player. Only downside.

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