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why are axes slower than hand?


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i just started a new survival, i punched wood, got a CT, made an axe (wood) to chop down trees much faster.

but when i try to chop a tree, the axe goes very slow.

is treeCapitator doing some thing with this? i cheated in a diamond axe and goes as slow as the wooden one! Help! :(

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... are you... guys... really serious about this?

I mean, really. There's something like google and a search function.

This modpack has the TREECAPITATOR mod, this allows you to knock over trees by breaking one block.

It says in the readme and on the forum and probably somewhere in the modpack list of hexxit that it will slow down chopping down trees depending on how big the tree is.

It specifically instructs that you can disable this in the configuration file so that it knocks over trees easily.

If you're questioning why nobody replied in about half a month, that's why.

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