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How do you update Hexxit to 1.6.2?

Alex Hanson

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There's a lot of things involved before we can update to 1.6.2. The launcher has to be rewritten (or have modifications done to it, I forget which), the mods have to update, we have to test them, etc. etc.

So no, not really.

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hes probably 10-13 no offence... im just saying... when there in that state of mind they think that everything will work with everything right away and get everything handed to them. they dont realize there is a lot of work in making a mod work with the next version. and mods arnt made by people who only make that mod... some are but most are just average people with lives and they live them.... they will get them out in time because its a large part of there life... but they wont drop everything to get the mod up to date because with the amount of re-coding it takes they also try to fix bugs and even add new items.... it will be done in good time.... calm down :)

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