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[1.5.2] HerpDerp Server [Arena PvP] [25 slots] [Whitelist] [HerpDerp Modpack]

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Applications are closed until friday at the earliest. We are going to be getting some more RAM and hopefully fixing crashes.

Server info

Platform Page

IP address:



We have a TS server available to anyone given access to the minecraft server. We also have dynmaps installed and available here. Anyone can view, but only whitelisted players can use it to chat.


The rules are listed in server in compressed form in the spawn area, and by using the /rules [Number to view] command from anywhere in server. The last date rules were edited will be listed in the MoTD when you join the server. It's up to each user to stay up to date.

Unofficial rule 1: Don't be a douchbag.

Unofficial rule 2: Use common sense.

The current official rules are as follows:

1.No griefing, No cheating, No spamming.

Standard stuff, restating of unofficial rules. Spamming applies to minecraft server and TS server.

2.Pit mining only in Mining Age. Portal available at spawn.

Try to keep overworld nice, we aren't going to be re-genning it in the foreseeable future. If it's for a project, go ahead, but if it's just for materials the mining age is a better option.

3.Only destroy terrain for builds. Don't ruin the world for others.

We have explosives enabled right now. If they are abused, they will be taken away. Try not to ruin it for everyone else.

4.If you start a build finish it. If you don't finish it, at least make it look good.

We would like there not to be half-finished crap everywhere you look on the server. If you really can't finish it for whatever reason, it's probably not that hard to modify it, and at least make it look like it belongs.

5.Ask permission before building near someone. If you aren't sure, ask anyways.

Only admins have access to world-guard capabilities since we have no way of limiting plot size right now. Just because you can build near someone, doesn't mean you should. If the owner of a build doesn't want you building near them, go find another spot. The server is plenty big for everyone.

6.Avoid lagging or crashing the server.

Should be obvious, but some tips. Don't let your mining machines spew items everywhere. Avoid detonating large quantities of explosives at once. Don't make ridiculous redstone clocks. If you are going to build a mob farm, don't let mobs stack up too much. Be careful with the mining laser. If we find these being abused and causing lag, they will be removed.

7.No harassing other players. Admins can and will decide if something is harassment.

Again, don't be a douche. If someone asks you to stop bothering them, consider stopping before admins get involved. Included under this is anything related to IRL identity. Talking about it is a no-no here, go somewhere else if you want to discuss it.

8.No asking for OP, Admin, or Items. We will tell you if we decide we need more admins.

We already have 6 admins, so unless we increase the number of slots, we are unlikely to need more.

9.Don't build near spawn. Builds near spawn may be removed at admin discretion.

If you have a really good idea for something near spawn, talk to an admin and we may allow it. If you build near spawn without permission, we are pretty likely to remove it at the drop of a hat.

10.No bots, AIs, or NPCs. If it isn't a human playing, we don't want it.

11.Don't kill players outside of PVP zones. This includes any indirect methods of damage.

Currently our permission system is bugged out, so you have the ability to PvP right now. Don't use it unless you are in an arena or some other clearly marked PvP zone. If you want to set up a PvP zone, let an admin know so when we get permissions working correctly, your PvP zone doesn't break.

12.The admins are judge, jury, and executioner. They ARE the law.

Admins will normally give a warning or two before taking action, but it is up to them what punishment is given and when for breaking any rules. If an admin says something is not allowed, it isn't, no matter what the rules say. They have the final word on everything.

Server description:

The admin group has been playing minecraft since early alpha, and several of us have been running private vanilla servers since the server software was released. We were there and running it when hmod starting becoming popular and then bukkit. After that we switched to using ModloaderMP and a couple of mods that worked well with servers. Finally, we switched to MCForge, and since then have been running on that, and adding mods as it has become more stable. As you can see, we have a lot of experience running servers, but up until now they were up to 10 player private servers that were mainly for friends. This is the first time we have tried running a public server. There are going to be some bugs and unexpected downtime, but if you stick with us, we will get problems fixed and have some fun together.

Expected uptime:

We expect server to be up 24/7, and even if it crashes, the server will normally come back up within an hour. If there is some kind of world eating bug, it may take us longer to find the bug and restore from backups, but we will keep you posted on this thread if it happens.

Players wanted:

Ideally people who are interested in PvE and building. We do have PvP in arena areas, and can make ages for PvP as well, if demand is high enough. We do not want people looking for creative or anarchy servers. Roleplay is fine, but will not be enforced. Also, this is not a hardcore server. Don't worry too much about dying.

Whitelist application:

Minecraft user name?:

Why do you want to join?:

Are you willing to be patient while we get any snags sorted out with the server?:

Do you livestream?:




This is the spawn area of the server, and until we start, it is the only thing constructed.

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Minecraft user name?: wolfenstein19

Why do you want to join?: seems nice modpack and im looking for smth with gregtech

Are you willing to be patient while we get any snags sorted out with the server?: no ill rage like a maniac and bite my keyboad ... ofc

Do you livestream?: nope

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Minecraft user name?: lefty

Why do you want to join?: I want to play with wolfenstein19 and your server has a lot of fun mods :)

Are you willing to be patient while we get any snags sorted out with the server?: I've hosted a server too, so I have enough patient :).

Do you livestream?: Nope, my bandwith is too bad for that :(

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Minecraft user name?: BooDigs

Why do you want to join?: I like the looks of the modpack, its got the key elements I'm looking for. Despite a love hate with gregtech, I find it hard to stomach mod packs without it.

Are you willing to be patient while we get any snags sorted out with the server?: absolutely

Do you livestream?: no

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User Name:Pub$t0mper

Why? Because I want too show how much of a badass i am.

fix your crap you are going to have me on

Do you livestream, why do you wanna now fascist!

Admin here, the thing above is something we will send a refusal to, and right now we are still not accepting.


I think I got it fixed, but we are making sure it is fine, hopefully we can go public again. Stay tuned!

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