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[3.1.3]Timber-Networks[PvP][20 slots][Factions]


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Welcome! IP:


First of all thanks for clicking on our post. As you may have figured out already, Timber-Networks is a Tekkit classic server that is hosted on a dedicated machine hosted by CreeperHost and ran by connorads and venomous130. The server has been under development for the past few weeks to ensure the best possible playing experience. Each plugin has been configured specifically to make sure they will work perfectly from a player and servers perspective. The main features of the server include: Factions, PvP, only 4 banned items, shops and much more. If you like what you've read so far; read on...



Our plugins (In alphabetical order):


Announcer (Announces important information to players on the server on a timed schedule)

Autosaveing (Saves all the server files every minute to avoid roll backs)

Chatmanager (Adds the prefixes before peoples names for example )

EnjinMinecraftPlugin (Allows the server to be sync'd with the website http://www.timber-networks.enjin.com)

Essentials (Adds all of the basics like /sethome /tpa /spawn etc)

Factions (Allows you to protect your land from outsiders and also allows you to add people that can also build within your protection. You can also declare war on other peoples factions)

Lockette (Allows you to protect chests and modded items (Diamond chests) from thieves by placing a sign on the chest while holding shift (crouch)

Logblock (Allows the server staff to identify who broke what blocks which is useful for finding rule breakers)

Modifyworld (This allows permissions to have control of the servers world)

PermissionsEx (This stops certain server ranks from using certain commands e.g kits)

TekkitRestrict (This controls the use of tekkit items and stops people from bypassing faction protection with items like Mining Lasers. It also limits the placement of blocks e.g only 1 quarry allowed)

Vault (This allows your money on the server to be used with the servers shop)

Votifier (This allows you to be rewarded with items for when you vote for the server)

WorldEdit (This allows the staff to build more efficiently with the use of commands. It also works with world guard to select certain areas and protect them)

World Guard (This allows areas to be protected so players can't destroy where they're not supposed to)



Banned items / Restricted items


Banned items:

Watch of flowing time (This is banned as it can mess around with other players as it changes the server's time and adjusts speeds of machines)

Nuke (Can blow up people's bases whether they're protected or not)

TNT Cart (Can blow up people's bases whether they're protected or not)

Cannon (Can blow peoples bases whether they're protected or not)

Restricted items:

Each player is only allowed 1 Quarry

Each player is only allowed 1 World anchor




Failure to comply with these rules will most likely result in a kick and then a ban if it pursues. If you break one of the more serious rules like using a hacked client then you will probably be instantly permanently banned. If you want to be unbanned then click the unban request button at the top of the site.

1. Don't argue with staff

2. No racist language

3. Please use common sense

4. No use of any form of hacked client

5. Don't advertise other servers

6. Don't ask for items/ranks

7. Do not combat log

8. Do not use any form of exploit e.g duping (Most dupe bugs have been patched anyway)

9. Do not spawn kill players



Thanks for reading!

For more information please visit Timber-Networks.enjin.com for more information


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