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Sphax BDCraft Hexxit Texture Pack Compilation


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Here is a partially compiled texture pack for Hexxit. Here is the list of things NOT in the texture pack:

Tinkers Construct - Causes me to get a "net.minecraft.client.renderer.StitcherException" error.

Battle Towers - Did not know where to put this...

Damage Indicators - This works fine but didn't include it in the pack as it goes to the root hexxit folder per instructions

Dimensional Doors... Sort Of - Not loading door textures properly. Door effect works though.

Below are items that just don't have a sphax bdcraft addon/patch yet but are in the mod:

OffLawn - No bdcraft patch yet

Project Zulu - No bdcraft patch yet

Artifice - No bdcraft patch yet

Better Dungeons - No bdcraft patch yet

Obsidiplates - No bdcraft patch yet

Wild Caves 3 - No bdcraft patch yet

Map Writer - No bdcraft patch yet

Infernal Mobs - No bdcraft patch yet

Hexxit Gear - No bdcraft patch yet

Will update when I can get others working and when new patches arise. Enjoy! LINK --> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1633220/sdwrage-bdhexxit-128x.zip

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