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I need some help setting up a Tekkit server on my computer


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And none of the regular guides I've googled have helped.

I'm having anID mismatch when I try to LAN or when I set up a server. I can play fine, but no one can join when I LAN, and I can't join my own server I created. Also, I have my BAT files built exactly as shown, but they don't work

java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar Tekkit.jar nogui

Any help will be appreciated. Maybe a file that has a working set up server?

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Did you port forward? And if you're not willing/able to do that, try setting up with Himachi. Himachi is a little easier, yet more restrictive(free version I think is only 5 connections?), but unnecessary if you have basic computer knowledge. The .bat isn't going to have too much to do people unable to connect, it's more about your config file.

-Did you double check that the address you put in the config file matches the one you enter in the game?

-Did you enable WhiteListing? If so make sure everyone who wants to join is on it or it won't allow them in.

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