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Hexxit Choppyness


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Whenever I play Hexxit, the game is always so choppy, even though I'm getting 60-130 fps most of the time. Anyone else having problems like this? I've searched everywhere. Didn't find anything.


AMD Raedon 7850

AMD 8-Core FX-8120 Zambezi

16 Gigs of ram

Is my computer the reason?

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Increase PermGen using the gear in the top right of the launcher. I keep hearing 2-3GBs is the best memory setting.

There's a source of hidden lag that doesn't crash Java, here's the fix and a sample error log.

My Minecraft video settings: Graphics Fast, Smooth Lighting Off, Max FPS, View Bobbing Off, Adv OpenGL On

When exploring a new area avoid combat until you have circled the battlezone, so no chunks are being generated during the fight.

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