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[Suggestion] Biomes O' Plenty


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I love Hexxit, it has become my favourite and most played modpack since the day it came out. Now don't get me wrong, ExtraBiomesXL is a great thing, it adds some fun biomes to explore. But things such as the Nether and Twilight Forest still get old once you've conquered and seen everything. This is why I suggest Biomes O' Plenty, this adds biomes to the Nether, a new dimension and is compatible with MoreBiomesXL. This would add more sights to see, more blocks to build with, and more challenges to face. I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here, but I didn't see a section for suggestions or anything against them. Feed back on this would be appreciated, do you think it'd go well in Hexxit? :)

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I probably wouldn't suggest having both since there's some overlap and you'd never see vanilla biomes at that point, but I do think that BoP is better than EBXL. It has a lot more variety and the performance around its bigger trees seems a lot more stable.

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What a pity. I never encountered any problems with the normal villages, ruins mod and bop. :/


For what it's worth. I might be able to help debugging it. :)


If I manage to get it running with Hexxit 2, will you consider adding it to the modpack?

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