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Looking to update my tekkit NEED HELP please


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So its been about 3 months since i last updated my tekkit. And i only played it for a few minutes to make sure it was working, before that it was another few months that i really PLAYED it. My question it, this new Tekkit stufff, with the space stuff and all that, is THAT the new update for tekkit? Also, how would i go about updating my minecraft for the new tekkit? My minecraft is currently on 1.2.5 i believe. I also noticed that there is a tekkit classic, is that for people who dont want the space stuff? SORRY if this has been asked before, if anyone has a link to a post that answers my questions instead id be happy to read it :)


So i just dragged my world from the tekkit I was playing (i had my own server) into the new tekkit folder and it wont load it. Will it have compatibility issues?

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Alright Tekkit Classic is the Tekkit on 1.2.5, the original Tekkit. This Tekkit is the new Tekkit, also referred to as space tekkit, and tekkit main. Tekkit Lite has more mods the Classic, including Classic mods, but doesn't support plugins by itself, you'll need a different program. Tekkit Main, is pretty much a new start for Tekkit. It is designed off of the Buildcraft power. You can't update a Tekkit Classic world to Tekkit Main, without modification of that world(in game), or you try to find the updated mods, a prime example is IC2, any IC2 machinery will not work in Tekkit Main, because IC2 hasn't had a stable official release in a while, so you'd need to add the test versions, or removed the Ic2 machinery. However Tekkit Classic worlds can be transferred to Tekkit Light, albeit you will need a world converter, which I don't remember the link to it.

It might sound Complicated(as I have a way of explaining things in a complicated fashion) however just because I'm afraid a person might not understand the above here is pretty much what I said

1) Tekkit Main is not Compatible with Tekkit Classic or Lite Worlds, without modification(more than a world converter), by either re-adding the mods, albeit you might not get a stable version, or major modifications to the world. Although you will want to start off with a new world, as conversion might not be possible, or will cause a lot more headaches than it's worth

2) Tekkit Classic is the Original Tekkit

3) Tekkit Lite has more mods than Classic does, and includes classic mods, and worlds from Tekkit Classic can be Converted to Tekkit Lite, however a program is needed(I'll post the link if, and when I find it(if I'm not mistaken and this exists))

4) There is no Ic2, Redpower 2, or Railcraft in Tekkit main, nor is there any EE2 thing in Tekkit Main/Tekkit Lite, as EE3 is taking it's place. Everything by these mods, excluding RP2 frames and EE2, have been re-added by another mod in Tekkit Main, however Jakj is working on a mod for that, it is called Redstone in Motion.

5) Redpower 2 was removed because it wasn't updating

6) IC2 is effectively dead, because no stable, official release has been made in a while.

7) EE2 is being replaced by EE3 as I said before. EE2 has not, and most likely will never be, updated past Minecraft 1.2.5

If you have any other questions let me know.

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I GREATLY appreciate this information :) Although I'm not sure what every mode in there does that you mentioned, mostly because I'm not a hardcore tekkit person :P, BUT I do get the gist of what you are saying :) Well I just did the drag and drop for my world and downloaded the new tekkit server files and loaded it up and my guy was just in the sky. Looking as if he was falling, and when i could see the floor a bit, the game/server crashed. I didn't build many machines, Only a quarry, solar panels (the first ones) and a few condensers, compressors and extractors (the things that convert materials to w/e you put in them to w/e you want converted?) and some electric furnases. Maybe thats why it "loaded" up a bit and then crashed? Either way, thank you again for the information, i GREATLY appreciate it :) I guess i COULD start a new world.

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Well 1) Solar Panels are part of the IC2 mod, and IC2 isn't in Tekkit Main. Again Tekkit main is the new tekkit. Condensers, compressors and extractors, are also not in the game anymore. Also Electric Furnaces aren't in the game anymore either as it is IC2. Tekkit Main is a new Tekkit. It has some Tekkit Classic Mods, but not all of them. Tekkit main is a new tekkit. If you want to see the mod lists you can look on the main page. However a Tekkit Classic world will be somewhat forever broken in Tekkit Main, due to the uranium ore IC2 generates, unless you go to Tekkit 1.1.5, and change the ID with the Atomic Science Uranium ID, which MIGHT work(it most likely won't). Changing to 1.1.5 is rather simple just click the little gear under the Tekkit Icon, and select use latest version. Then you can just go into the Atomic Science configs and change a few ID's although this probably won't work. While complicated to use your old world in the new tekkit, this is all I can really think of ATM. Of course you will need to copy your world under Tekkit Classic(The one you are used to)remove the Solar panels, Compressors, condensers, extractors and electric furnaces. Although starting a new world is the best way to go.

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