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    NOTE: This modpack is to be considered unstable, so expect it to crash...a lot. If it does please contact me here or post in this Topic and I will try to resolve the issue. Also I will be attempting to balance the pack out a bit as well. What is Teron? Teron is simply a modpack that's about choices, mainly to allow you to choose your own building and play style, do you want to use Magic, or do you want to use tech, or maybe both? The choice is up to you! The modpack is designed to work on 1.7.10. Information The Information will be posted on the Technic platform page, any extr
  2. Actually at the time this was posted Mojang's servers were unstable and were going online for a few seconds before shutting down again. Some people on twitter claim they were DDoS'ing their servers because of their new EULA changes.... I'm not exactly sure when they stopped, but I assume it was about Midnight CDT or 1 am CDT give or take several minutes.
  3. There should be a bat file(or something like that) called Tekkit in it, you replace that(I suggest renaming it), also get the correct version for the version of Minecraft you are using.
  4. Use MCPC+ it will allow you to use plugins. You have to rename the file so it replaces the Tekkit launch file.
  5. I already linked it, but here: http://wiki.technicpack.net/IC2RP2ReplacementGuide It will tell you what replaces what.
  6. Well, IC2 hasn't really updated steadily, so when Tekkit main came out, IC2 was dropped, and it probably won't be re-added. If you wanna use RP2 or IC2 then you can use Tekkit Classic(formally Tekkit), and/or Tekkit Lite.
  7. One, Most of those are in mods no longer in the modpack such as IC2 or Redpower 2, Lamps and alloy wire was in RP2, while I believe that Energy Conductor was in IC2, if you need a replacement guide is found here. Also if you want to use a plugin I suggest setting up MCPC+, and then install a plugin.
  8. I think they can, as I've seen it done before. However it might not be anymore, but I would believe that it can use Mystcraft Portals. So don't quote me on that.
  9. Linking books can be used if you create two, activate one on earth, and one on the space station and then you can use it to teleport between the too....or you can use Dimensional Doors.
  10. I'm pretty Sure MCPC and BukkitForge are two different things. However I might be mistaken...
  11. Seems interesting. I also love the look of the robots. I'm going to give it a try. Also love the fact it works well with RiM is wonderful. Hopefully this becomes a big mod. The fact it's Open Source only increases it's awesomeness.
  12. Yup, I've played around with a few of the mods myself, and they are awesome. I haven't tried a few due to, technical reasons, however their 1.6.X updates are awesome. Somewhat Off-Topic, has anyone played around with EnderIO yet?
  13. I thought Skyboy's version is an official version. That's what I've found.
  14. Found my way out of Limbo, Now where the heck am I?

  15. The reactor can not be covered by water anymore, it has to be exposed to air in order for the turbines to move
  16. While I know that not everyone can be pleased, I don't think that FTB is the way to go. Maybe a Hexxit server, or a Tekkit 1.1.5 server. I also don't like FTB, I like the idea, but not the pack itself. I have nothing against FTB though. Besides if I read what he said correctly, He already dismantled the system in which the server was hosted on. Or he just stopped the server.
  17. Yup. Everyone was nice, while there was drama, everyone helped one another out. I got Redstone Energy Conduits, and a Redstone Energy Cell, before I could actually get them by myself. I got Liquiducts and a set of Liquid Tesseracts, to help pump back some oil I found, to use for my first energy source. I really loved the community of the server, and I did recommend this server to my friends who were playing Tekkit.
  18. Well 1) Solar Panels are part of the IC2 mod, and IC2 isn't in Tekkit Main. Again Tekkit main is the new tekkit. Condensers, compressors and extractors, are also not in the game anymore. Also Electric Furnaces aren't in the game anymore either as it is IC2. Tekkit Main is a new Tekkit. It has some Tekkit Classic Mods, but not all of them. Tekkit main is a new tekkit. If you want to see the mod lists you can look on the main page. However a Tekkit Classic world will be somewhat forever broken in Tekkit Main, due to the uranium ore IC2 generates, unless you go to Tekkit 1.1.5, and change the ID
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