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Logistics, Buildcraft, AE, and Redpower: Unifying the Networks

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I have been running Tekkit Lite with Forestry and Railcraft installed, and have dedicated my current base as a project to create a skyscraper which demonstrates cooperation. As part of it, I need ideas for unifying these four very different automation systems.

The core of my storage is an AE network, which currently extends from B2F (AE Central Processing) to 2F (Computer lab; gonna set up Redpower and Computercraft computers here to work in cooperation), skipping 1.5F (temporary bedroom level which will be knocked out to make a 2-story lobby). I know that the absolute core of the skyscraper will be the AE network.

Out back, in my greenhouse, I have AE serving a small wheat farm (mainly for seed oil for Forestry), but the main thing back there are my bees; I have BuildCraft pipes serving to automatically breed the bees, as well as to sort out the stuff to send to the ME (combs, pollen, and jelly). I ran a small experiment with replacing the setup with the Logistics pipes, but ended up going against it since a QuickSort module on the ME interface I had back there didn't pull the bees from the ME to sink into dedicated chests.

I have decided that eventually, I might make seperate buildings from the skyscraper, like a train shed that is completly detached from the skyscraper. I have already decided that I will run Logistics over to those buildings; while I won't be able to request central crafting, it will really save on the quartz cost.

I have practically no experience with RedPower tubes, nor much of an idea of what I will end up using them for. Probably small-scale automation which should be seperate from the ME system, like I'm doing with the BuildCraft pipes, but I need to know the big differences between the two systems, aside from RP being destination-oriented while BC is flow-oriented.

I also know that I can make the following "interfaces" (of such):

* Logi feeds BC through sinks, BC feeds Logi directly

* Logi feeds AE through sinks and request, AE feeds Logi through provider

* BC feeds AE through interface, AE feeds BC through interface (does export bus work for powered output?)

* I don't know how to reasonably connect anything with RP

Any input on the project, or information on RP pipes?

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Take a look at Buffers. They're built to bridge different systems by creating a small accessible inventory with no restrictions on it.

Beyond that, there's only some Forestry-based restrictions on tube placement on its machines. Filters, Sorters, and Transposers will be your mainstay of a RP network. I believe RP has a wiki of its own.

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