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Players experience not 'following' when porting between worlds


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So I have multiverse setup, and when my players do /home from the overworld to another world, their xp gets set to exactly whatever it was when they were originally in the other world example:

In World 1 they have level 10

go to Overworld (main map whatever) earn 10 levels, so now they're level 20

/home back to World 1 their level gets reset to 10

Go to Overworld, enchant something and use all xp,

/home back to World 1 their level goes back to 10 again.

What would cause this?

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This is not a problem with Hexxit, but with minecraft in general as far as I know.

This is one of the glitches I've mentioned earlier of which all admins always claim to be completely oblivious or that the user in question is lieing about it to get free experience.

Unfortunately it has to do with chunks somehow storing the player's stats and not updating that information untill the player goes through that area again.

Normally, chunks unload after a while, but chunks around a portal will stay in their active state and always consider the player to have the level they have when they entered/left, thus giving you potentially infinite experience if you plan it right.

That being said, I have yet to test if this works in single player(/without multiverse)

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Doh. This is the first time on any of my servers I've encountered this issue. I was gonna use Multiinv to store the exp data to fix it but the server won't take either of the recent versions ><

Do you know of any Bandage fixes for this as a temporary one?

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