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I dont know what to do, halp.


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Ok I have downloaded dis new tekkit crep on de new luncher

and i tot it was leik the old tekkit, u know wit the rubber and stuff

so i took down rubber tree

i get raw rubber

i cook raw rubber

it became rubber bar

I confuse

wat i do next?

by the way i found a pond of poop water and an oil like liquid...

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cook it again and you'll get raw plastic, then craft four of them together in a square and you'll have plastic sheets...

so when it gets dark you'll have something to snuggle up in.

Oh, and maybe check out the wiki... do what looks interesting to you.

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Im curntly diging for metaels on cave so i can craft heheheh

wat i do

dis soo confuse

tekt clasic match beter

bat i want know wat i do next??????????

i hav bed so i don kno wat

i don kno abot new engines

and de wiki nat heping me match.



sry for dble post

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