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[1.1.10]0atek mature[PvE/Economy/towns/antigrief][24 slot(expanding)][Greylist][DimDoors Removed]


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Visit us at http://www.0atek.com

We are dedicated to running a stable service in a lag free environment. With 0atek you get a mature community, with a dedicated staff.

We are running tekkit 1.1.10!

Server: play.0atek.com:25570

Rules: http://www.0atek.com/rules

Banned item: Ender tank - crashes client.

You must be at least 18 to join this server!

Plugins: Craftconomy3,Vault, PermissionsEx, WorldEdit, Worldguard, Dynmap, ChestShop, GriefPrevention, HeroChat, Essentials ( protect/spawn ), MCTowns.

We have the following features:

- Grief protection and chat antispam system

- Economy

- Buy your own piece of land

- Make a town, and become a mayor!

- Lift plugin for effecient and cool lifts.

- Chestshops, sell your stuff.

- Mob arena, fight waves of mobs and earn money.

- Spleef arena.

- Spawn area shop plots, buy a plot and build a shop.

- Ranking system for dedicated builders.

- Advanced chat, make your own channels.

- Keep your gear if you die.

- Advanced rollback and restoration tools.

- Hourly backup

- Greylist( you can join, but you have to be a member to interact with the world. )

Expected uptime: 24/7/365. We're doing system upgrades on a mirror system, so downtime when updating is minimal. As an example, when upgrading from 1.1.5 to 1.1.8, the total downtime was less than 3 minutes!

The server is hosted by an experienced Minecraft host, with SSD disk systems and flexible CPU management. We expect to expand the server and add hardware resources as we grow.

This is a brand new setup, and we will be looking for staff to join us too.

Stop by to have a look around, or write your application to join us on our website:


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This is a truly amazing server, everyone on it is friendly and willing to trade or help you out with any issue you have, just a good tight not community. That was good for me, being not so great with the modern tekkit. anywho I give this server 10/10 gold stars :P.

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Played on this Server for a Week. 8+ hours

Here's how i see it. 8/21/2013

Server is Running on Tekkit-G (new tekkit) Build 1.1.5

:Lag Review:

(No Lag Minecraft server's Do not Exist)

Server Has Low Latency lag i live in "CA USA" Have not seen block Brake lag. Fighting Lag is Good and Not a prob. Liquid Lag is good. water/Lava evaporates in good time. Plants/Trees/farming plants, all Grow in there Proper time frame. items in buildcraft pipes skip about a little bit. (this seems to be purely cosmetic). lag is Minimal ++

:Server Build: 1.1.5

Server Uses a Password System that was at first a little off putting. However not obstructive.

World Border is 5K from Spawn. (A Little Low in my Opinion. However The Map Fits Border with 1 Major continent surrounded with a ocean)

Map is in Good Shape. Creeper Damage is Turned off. All ores/oil's Have Spawned. As with Most White-listed servers Greafing is nonexistent.

Nether ores are above average. Nether Monster Damage is Normal. There's a Live Map. Plugin are well Configed to the Server. Admins Seem to Care about Balance. Server build is Stable but needs More fine-tuning . +


There is a Shop system with ingame currency. Monsters Drop currency tokens witch seem to add 1-5$ to /money

Server Spawn Shop Seems to be a nice Feature. i have seen a Arena in the spawn. (where i have bin told you can Battle Waves of mobs for Cash $) "addon MobArena". however i not used this yet. More work is needed here. -


15min Afk Boot is a fair amount of time.

/sethome is a good thing. /back command would be nice but is no big loss.

Buildcraft engine's Don't Explode. ( But will Make Horrible sounds when trying to)

Nether Ores Also do not Seem to Explode but ^

This Server needs refining, However its a Stable Building environment with a lot of promise.

This is a good server. I would give it a try.

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I have played about 20 hours on this server now and i have met all the staff, they are fun to talk to and are always will to help new players.

The other players on the server are always helping you and others out where needed like one user (krole) he helped me set up my own quarry system.

When I first joined the server I didn't know it was grey listed and Krole said to me i have to go on to the website and sign up for member ship to the server and while I was signing up I was speaking to krole and he made me feel really welcome on the server so every couple of hours i checked back to see if i had been accepted and spoke to krole a bit more till i was accepted.

If you ask me it is well worth signing up to the server and waiting to be accepted.

There is no grief no stealing and you can leave your chests unlocked with out the worry of people stealing from them this is by far the best server I have been on

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