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  1. Great Server! Minimum Bans so you are pretty much free to do whatever you want! Great Staff. The server is also new so there are also more fresh resources! Come Join and Prevail as the best on 0aTeks server
  2. I would love to do survival just message me man!
  3. Age: 17 1 year Loyalty: 10... Million/10 I am pretty good at building pretty much anything but i am new to this tekkit I understand the Rules, And if i Break them i will be Unwhitelisted without Hesitation
  4. I recently created a Voltz server for a few people to play with me. -I am looking for 3 people -The server will be on 24/7 (As long as there are no technical issues) -It will be survival with no banned items -No plugins except basic essentials and maybe CoreProtect I am mainly looking for some guys to show me how to play Voltz. I am new to it If you are interested send me a Private Message In-Game name: Age: Are you reliable: Thanks everyone!!!
  5. Hello everyone i'm looking for one person maybe two to join my srver. We can start from scratch and survive from there. Preferably ages 15-20. I will be able to get on pretty much whenever except for when school starts again. Also please be in U.S preferably Mountain Time. There are no banned items. Just send me a message. Thanks
  6. Well. Its just a a survival server that you start from scratch and just do whatever. Just a vanilla server basically. 24/7 I bought it and built a house thats about it. Tell me if you want in though
  7. Anyone wanna start a two man server?
  8. Well i have CoreProtect so i can roll back any griefs and i can easily see who the griefer was and ban them so hopefully all goes well
  9. Can anyone show me how to do some permissions to my server? Just kind off walk me through it so i can run my server more efficiently. Thanks
  10. THANKS!!!! Any chance you know how to give and do permissions. i undersatnd the other plugins just not how to let my people do certain things