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User Config option idea...(solved)

herby canopy

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Aloha, I really love this mod pack and I would like to use it to build a large underground city with out running into large cave systems. I thought that since cave are many an easy way to get the ores that you need without wasting your pick on cobblestone and since ores can be found all over the place, in this mod, that if there was an option that you could set to have cave gen disabled would be really cool.

I Think it would need someone to make a small mod (I really do not thing it would take much time at all for someone that knows java and has a little exp in moding.) Here are are couple of ways that this might be-able to be done.

1) if there is someway to make the game skip the part where caves are "placed"

2) if after the world is generated you add one more generator that looks for...say, any "air/empty" block and IF that block is under say level 50 (if sea level is 64 that would let you still able to find "small" caves) THEN it replaces that with stone.

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man I looked for over an hour and the best I found was for 1.4.4 MC. Good find there man! I tested the mod by adding files int the rar to the modpack.jar but since it is not a forge mod it is not even loaded. I then tried to put it into the Minecraft.jar and it crashes FML so the mod as it can not be used if you use forge.

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I just did a quick google search and found this mod:- http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1770319-152sspsmp-fewer-ravines-less-caves-11/

It doesn't appear to be a forge mod so might not be compatible, but it sounds like exactly what you want, if you can get it working.

According to post #17 it does work with FML.


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Sorry my bad I thought I edited the comment...

I got it working now. The instructions said to open the config file so I was going to the config folder looking for the config file and it was not there. After sleeping on it the solution came to me...the file you need is in the world save folder not the config folder...lol.

Now I can finally make an underground city without hitting caves or mineshafts. Just to test it out so I knew if it was working I found a clear texture pack that let me see through the dirt and stone...yeah it is cheating but I already deleted the texture pack and even the world I "looked" at.


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