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[1.5.2]T3chnically unknown[PvP&PvE][36 slots+][open-whitelist][Unity one][TS3][Survival & creative]

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Artwork by: Hellsniper01

Basic server information:

Server i.p: mc.prot3ch.net

Teamspeak: ts3.prot3ch.net

Specs:(Because lag sucks)

Based in: The netherlands

(mainly UK and US players)

Intel i7 proccessor

Solid state drive

8gb RAM

Well hello there.

Welcome to our humble little server, ran only off the goodwill and help of others. Hosted proudly by crafting.tk a sponsorship network and founded way over a year ago, back then more commonly known as protech, tell the difference? So why pick us? Well I hope I can persuade you further... oh and you only have to read the important bits don't worry about all of it.


Our promise is to provide a wonderful community with great staff and unlimited possibilities, we run 4 custom mods that you can't find anywhere else. Thanks to our unique mod team consisting of ibrasteel, nxsupert, slimshady4l1fe1, dude22072 and myself, you can always be sure our modpack is near completely bug free. We also provide complete freedom, build wherever you wish we normally allow lee-way for small pranks, if you are banned we offer a fair trial on our forums and we have none of that donation unbanning rubbish.


We use these certain methods to protect all your work and creations.

- Coreprotect (logs every single block you place and destroy, used to rollback)

- Daily backups (Although never needed, if the server dies for any reason, we can restore it)

- Whitelist (Alas, some people love to destroy others creations and get there kicks while doing it. This allows a short application to make sure your not some highriding wallaby).

- Thaumcraft/betterstorage/ic2 (These all allow in some cases rarther cheap chests and lock systems. We also monitor normal vanilla chests through coreprotect)


The 4 custom mods we run are:

- Red coal craft - By nxsupert

- Legend of zelda mod - Dude22072

- Protonium mod - By Gabe_oz

- tukMC HUD - By maxpowa

To explore and understand these custom mods. Please do /warp modtutorial

Main mod list:

Applied energestics

agents agriculture - Adds over 100+ new foodstuffs and plants

Artifice -Adds marble, frames, basalt. All that good stuff


Buildcraft 3

Chococraft - Adds ridable chocobo's. Stuff horses, you need one of these!







Growthcraft - Make beer, cider, wine. You name it. The best mod for drunkards


Immibises microblocks - Replacement for redpowers microblocks


Minepainter - ART!

Modular powersuites




Redlogic - Replacement for redpowers redstone

RedCoalCraft -Mining lasers with near infinite combinations. Drop anvils from the sky!

Legend of zelda mod -

Power converters

Protonium mod - A mod about me! With extremely OP stuff

SgCraft - Travel in style

Thaumcraft 3

Thermal expansion

Tukmod - An optional slick looking HUD mod


Twilight forest

Wireless redstone

Our full mod list is: here


Yes, we offer creative for large builds to any member. New or old! We do not run free-will creative e.g. /gamemode 1 and it may only be issued by an admin, but overall we generally give out creative for creative and inventive build idea's! You can request permanent creative once you reach [Elder] rank.




White-listing is very easy, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1:

Visit: http://prot3ch.net/login/do/register

Step 2:

Thats it, your now whitelisted. Go to http://prot3ch.net/modpack for more information on the modpack.

Step 3: (optional)

Adding additional info in this thread will help us a lot. An example would be. Where you found us? You can also tell us about your ambitions for the server.


p.s. We offer a small bribe for reading it ;).

Can be found here: http://prot3ch.net/forum/m/4361677/viewthread/5446170-faq


1:No greifing ever. This is a ban-able offence.

2:No stealing. Unless under certified rival companys, NO stealing from houses/towns.

3:PvP is only allowed when players are consenting. Arenas mean implied consent (You wouldn't be there if you didn't want to PvP). If you PvP without consent (and steal their items). You can be banned.

4:Try not to swear in chat. We have younger players online and using a / or * simply isnt good enough really. I think everyone knows what it means.

5:Respect higher ranks. This should not have to be said, but alas, people are dumb.

6:Don't hack. It's like, mean and stuff. But seriously, don't do it.

7:If an area is clearly marked with posts, signs, etc...) that you are not allowed to build in that area. Well don't build there.

8:Check the FAQ & forums before posting any questions. It gets so annoying people asking the same questions, again and again and again and again.

9:Don't chain whitelist This rule only applys to new applicants and can get very annoying. 'chain whitelist' means to apply for whitelist at lots of different servers and wait for the quickest reply, it becomes really saddening for us when people do this. It's not a competition, thanks!

10:HAVE FUN! This is a game. Games = fun, unless it's SAW but thats very unlikely.

p.s. Please leave any type of comments in the descriptions, the better the question or remark the most likely we are to answer it. Kind words are always appreciated, thanks!


Artwork by: Gabe_oz

Also a little thought before you play:

Most common in tekkit classic, some people seem to 'complete' mods and thats it. That expression is used a little to widely to date with most of my players using it at some point. Just remember that minecraft and whatever modpack it may be based upon it is still mostly a building game, if your having trouble building please ask me or someone better than me =3. Thanks!

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IGN: Sabakugaara8

Reason you wish to join: Your server seems really cool, has a lot of interesting mods, and I'm really liking the idea of it.

*Any creations you've made: Any creation I made I found off of internet sites. I have yet to make a cool, truly unique creation.

What are the rules regarding pvp: You can only PvP if both you and the other person agrees, otherwise you can be banned.

*Age: 16

*Additional notes: Piggy Powah Unite!

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