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[0.6.5] Tekkit Lite It Up[No Downtime][100 slots][Great Staff][Grief Prevention][Pvp Arenas]


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You can find us at:


Website Address =

So why should you choose Lite It Up?

So you're probably asking; what makes this server better than the others?

Well, let's give you a small preview of what we have to offer.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Widely expanding friendly player base
  • Staff with over 3 years experience
  • Player ran economy and towns
  • Various Mini-Games and Events
  • Few banned items

We have very few rules, these are simple, and easy to follow, and include:

No Griefing/Stealing

No Excessive Flaming

No Hacking/Duping

No Advertising on our Server

Hope to see you there soon!
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They also ddos attack servers. Im shocked that this server

with low morals even has players

Im Sorry To Hear That You Have Been Ddosed Its Been tried On Me a couple of times but i am not downable,I can Reffer You to my Host that has Ddos Protection with his Servers P.S really Good Host And lose the Name Before Others Get Offended.Message me if you want the host info.

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And the reason we have players is because we have great staff we do not ban people for no reason, its not for nothing we are top tekkit lite server on the server list either, we are an evergrowing comunity with More and more new players Everyday.

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I have played on this server for about 2 months and it is very well organized. Great staff, very few banned items, and no griefing makes this my favorite server. It's also up all the time and they have great donation perks as well as a nice website.

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