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Possible to Automate 10k Coolant Cells with AE?

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Hi im new to AE but ive been rewiring my base with it as i like it way more than my previous attempts. One issue ive run into is i dont know how to automate 10k coolant cells with AE so that i can craft them on demand. The only thing im crafting that requires them atm is Overclocker Upgrades but i dont want to have to run out and fetch water everytime i need it. Ive considered trying to do it with RP2 using a Deployer but im really trying to avoid using the Redstone timers so i have no idea how to power it... possibly with a level emitter? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Set up a liquid transposer that is filled with water all the time via aqueous accumulator. Then just slap an ME Interface on top with the pattern for glass bottle > filled glass bottle. When ever a filled glass bottle is requested, it'll send one to the machine, filling it. Then just put an import bus on the back of the LT to bring the filled glass bottle back into the system.

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