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Stupid Endermen!!


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Ok, I log into a new world and start building. Endermen are freaking EVERYWHERE and when I explore around 200M from my house, I find this weird black cloud. Endermen are EVERYWHERE. I call up a bunch of my iron golem homies and they start flinging them. Lots of fun for the golems, so they said.

I decided to see what, if anything, was beneath the cloud so I started a quarry up. The Endermen started freaking out! They were stealing the levers, the blocks under the engines and attacking me even in the rain!

I opened the world to LAN so my youngest son could come figure out what this stuff was and why they were getting so upset. Negotiations went badly and my son set off a nuke.... They were gone.

Ten minutes later the cloud was right next to my house and I had some seriously angry Endermen popping off with pieces of my house (what was left of it. Thank God for obsidian chests!!)

I got the message and moved 2000M away. Three days go by (MC days) and I'm in the woods, chopping down trees, when I find another black cloud. HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM?!?!?!

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The dimensional doors mod adds this feature to the game. When multiple rifts(black particles) spawn near each other they spread, eat the world, and spawn endermen. You can solve this by crafting a Rift Remover (4 gold ingots around an enderpearl) and right clicking some of the rifts in the area. Note that the remover has a limited durability and will break, but will clear out multiple near-by rifts with one use. You may need a few removers. Also, using a rift remover takes a few seconds, so don't right click the same black smoke multiple times and waste durability. You can later disable this feature in the Dimensional Doors config file.

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