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New-ish to Tekkit: BigDig. Need advice on a few things.


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Over my playtime, I have (as legitimately as possible) accumulated 8,624,000 MBs (8,624 buckets) of fuel. I have it all stored away and have absolutely no clue what to do with it all. Perhaps I should cease its production. Seeing as this is on a single-player world, I cannot, as much as I would LOVE to, divvy it out to all who are in need. Is there anything one can do with fuel besides just use it to power engines? I've already got two 24-combustion engine teams producing power and no idea what to do with all the MJ I'm making. In addition, I would like to know if there's some way to mass-store MJ. I know Redstone Energy Cells are pretty good, but they only hold 600,000 MJ. If anybody has a blueprint for a great storage setup that allows depositing energy and withdrawing it with so much as a flip of a button, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Also, what's with there being so many things that are in TMI (or NEI, not sure which is used) that can neither be crafted or found? Such as the soul shard thingies and the soul cage. I would love to use that.

Another thing, I was SO hyped about getting into MInechem and even worked my butt off to make a fusion reactor (as painful as it was to place the blocks right with the projector being all glitchy and hard to make out). But, it appeared to be glitched. I even lost an item or two trying to put a stupid nether star into it. So, that was a turn-off and I dropped it immediately. I still have a double-chest full of pretty chemicals just waiting to be turned into something beautiful. But no desire to mess around with an incomplete mod. (Not to seem spoiled, but it just bugs me a bit.)

Edit: Also, what in the world do I do with Uranite? It seems to have no recipes attached to it.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to read this and especially to those of you who took or will take the time to respond thoughtfully. Feel free to curse at me for being ignorant or altogether stupid. But do so in a constructive manner, if at all possible ^_^

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I have not tried MineChem so far so I can't help you with that but if you want to do something useful with that MJ use it to power giant quarries (they chew up Energy Cells like they are peanuts) and have them dig up all the materials you'll ever need. Also consider playing on a multiplayer server I'm sure someone would appreciate your dedication to running a fuel station for this long.

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