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[1.0.5]HexiVerse[PvP/PvE][100 Slots][Open][No Dim Doors][Few Banned Items][IP: play.hexiverse.net]


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PvP | Factions | Raiding

IP: play.hexiverse.net

TS3: ts.hexiverse.net


Server Rules

1. No Abusive Language or Actions

2. No Hacking or Abusing Bugs or Glitches

3. Respect all Staff and their decisions

4. Do not kill new players

Banned Items

Ender Bow

Dimensional Doors Mod

Buster Bullets/Magazine

Capsule Station

Meteor Summoners

Destruction Catalyst


Main Plugins

Factions Plus


Mob Bounty

Combat Tag


Gameplay Idea

Here at HexiVerse, we aim to offer a PvP based Factions Server which caters for all of its player base and adapts to their needs. We fully endorse raiding and player combat, and have allowed for this. Chest protections are off and the only secure protection going is the 'Donator Enderchest' with limited slots.

Note: Will be adding more pics soon! Sorry for any delay!

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Thanks to all the new players! We hit 40 players at once yesterday! Lets hit 50 soon! Also thanks to our first Donator, Dineco. And not forgetting our first player (started from the bottom, now we here) Septimus22.

The server is evolving rapidly and we have big plans for the future!

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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