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Hello fellow HEXXIT users :)

i have a problem, earlier today i was playing on my hexxit world just making a house and then i got the render error (Normal, my graphics card is about to die) when i logged back into the game after the crash o went back into creative mode and noticed that the NEI blocklist on the right was gone its there in survival and in C+ but not in creative and i know that it was there before the crash is there anyway to fix this???


i have gone through the settings and nothing i even deleted all of the .technic folder and reinstalled the whole of it... :(

is this meant to be like this or am i a noob and can't fix this?? Please help.

Peace, Kamillll

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Ok so i sat down and thought for a long time what i did to make the list disappear before the crash i was going through the setting (... in the vanilla creative list) and i went in there again i tried looking for anything that could turn it ON/OFF and when i got out of the menu the list was back :D

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