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So confused.


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Am I only supposed to only have copper wires available? I saw others being able to use other wires like silver in voltz, and it has different types of insulated wire on the voltz wiki. Is electric expansion something that was once in voltz and taken out or is it something I somehow have to put in manually.

Also I can't use galaticraft because the fuel loader says there is no fuel to load when there is, and the refinery doesn't work either.

Tried re installing twice but the same thing happend. Might be a stupid question but it just seemes like I am missing something.

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No, not stupid. Yes, you are correct, those extra wires are part of Electric Expansion. It was taken out, likely because UE mods apparently don't have any release engineers, so they've released several half-complete versions of their mods.

I haven't found a working, solid, 1.5X version of Electric Expansion yet.

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