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Tekkit updating - no new versions of the server


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I have a question which is bothering me for a while now which I can't seem to find an answer to..

(Excuse me if this is in the wrong sub-forum)

I have recently created a server and I am only using the recommended build which is 1.0.6 if I am not mistaken. Over the period of 2 weeks I have seen that there's once again, a new tekkit version (1.1.7).

I keep seeing other people hosting servers on the new-ish builds but I can't figure out how these people updated their servers..the techniic website only has the 1.0.6 server version because I have downloaded it again and it pops up with that.

If I do select "Always use latest builds" the server doesn't work (for obvious reasons).

Please, please, please could somebody help me out? I will be ever so grateful.

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Version 1.1.7 is a "Latest build" and isn't necessarily stable or complete so you would use it at your own risk. It's a development build intended primarily for people to test to find bugs and problems. If you still want to use it you can find a download link in the forum post "Let's test 1.1.7".

The version on the main website will only change when the "Latest build" gets promoted to a "recommended build" meaning it's stable and pretty much bug free.

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