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Linking Carts?

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I'm running Tekkit 2.1, latest client, and I'm trying to get up speed on Railcraft. I've got a nice Tunnel Bore running, and I'm trying to hook up a chest cart to it to pick up what it mines & keep fueling it a bit longer than usual. However, every time I right click on the Bore or the Cart I get their inventory and they never seem to actually link.

Is cart linking supposed to work? In a version later than what's in Tekkit? Or is there a trick I'm missing..

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I'm so glad i can [slightly] use forums ...

I thought my s*** was broke.

one thing though ... i lost 5 carts trying to put them on the rails and seemed like they were too close together and were just disappearing into each other but when i brake the one it apparently merged with i only get the one i broke ? ... [ is this normal :s i have hardly ever used rails even on vanilla ]

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