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Base Defense Mod Suggestion


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I don't know if there is anything like this out there, but I think it would be cool to have a mod where the zombies and skeletons actively attack your base.

Here is a list of ideas I had for the mod: You should be able to turn it off and on. Zombies can break your walls(like they can doors), but will only do so if there is no door to the inside of your base. You can use mods like the secret rooms mod to hide parts of your base from mobs. Mobs will drop resources like ingots and weapons(and ammo if there is a mod with it). There needs to be a pressure plate that only mobs activate. You mark where your base is with a special tool like with the grief prevention claim blocks. You mark the center of your base with a special block. The center of your base is a game over zone if the mobs make it there you die the game skips to morning and gets rid of all the mobs.

Oh and I call dibs on using this mod if it is made to make a mod pack first.

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