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[0.6.5]Tekktastic[PvE/PvP][60 Slot][No Mystcraft, Unbanned Canvas Bag/Project Table/More]


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-A New Age of Tekkit Lite-




Server IP: lite.tekktastic.com

((We just moved to a brand new dedicated server!!))

Teamspeak: ts.tekktastic.com:10088


Tekktastic Lite was started several months ago by owners Urban and Tux. We aim to create a multi-faceted mature gaming community that can unite under one banner to explore the worlds we all love to call our homes away from home. To start this off, we chose one of our favorite Minecraft-based modpacks, Tekkit Lite. As the server stands, it is built on the basic Tekkit Lite 0.6.5 modpack. We are currently working on expanding to Hexxit, FTB Ult, Day-Z Standalone, and many other titles. We invite you to our site to join and stay tuned for what comes next from Tekktastic Gaming.


Newly Unbanned Items!!!

-Dimensional Anchors (Donation only)-

-Canvas Bags-

-Project Tables-

-Minium Stone-

-Entropy/Vibration Catalyst-

-Wrath Igniters-

-Mining Laser-

Basic Rules:

-No Spamming/Caps/Excessive Cursing

-No Advertising (Perma Ban)

-Respect Staff (Lords and Kings)

-No Hacks/Dupes

-No Claim? No Refunds.

-No AFK chunk loading.

-No circumventing the rank system

-English only in the chat.

-No Scamming your fellow players.

-PvP is not allowed in Main World

-PvP world is now fully functional. Visit portals at spawn, or type /warp pvp

-PvP on claims is not allowed in any way.

Reporting dupes to an admin can result in reward.

Banned Items:

-Mystcraft Removed (Stability)

-Computer Craft (Lag/Security)

-Crystal Chests (Lag)

-All Chunk Loaders (Lag)

-Deployer (Grief)

-Railers (Grief)

-Advanced Crafting Table (Dupe)

-Wand of Cooling (Grief)

-Forcefields (Grief)

-Teleporters (Grief)

-Philosopher Stone (Grief)

-Balkons Mod is available in PvP world only!

-Forcefields are available in PvP world only!

Know a fix for one of these? Let an admin know for a reward!

Rank Information can be found at spawn in-game.

Feel free to sport our banner!


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