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[1.5.2] Days of Yore[Days of Yore][No Whitelist][RP-PvP][Open 24/7][50 Slots][Teamspeak]

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IP: Play.DaysOfYore.eu

Website: Coming Soon!

Teamspeak3: ts.daysofyore.eu

IRC: #daysofyore on EsperNet IRC


Days of Yore


Days of Yore, commonly referred to as DoY between the creators is a Medieval RPG Mod-pack that

seeks to provide an RPG experience that breaks away from various cliches that other games have created.

Days of Yore is created and maintained by a handful of RPG geeks seeking to relive the thrill that games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Final Fantasy, Dark Stone, World of Warcraft, etc gave us. Seeking to once again find glory in exploring the secret corners of the world, laying waste to our enemies, conquering their kingdoms and rising to the top.

In DoY, your destiny is in YOUR hands. Would you like to be a Knight? A wizard? We got you covered.

But why not create your own path? How about being a Warsmith? Or maybe a psychopathic Innkeep

that secretly delves in Necromancy?

The choice is yours and the possibilities are virtually limitless.

On our server, you will find a welcoming (although small at the moment) community, helpful, dedicated and experienced staff members and overall a great RPG experience. To add to the experience, we have custom NPCs with more constantly being created, and an 100% custom map.

Futhermore, our Developer team is working hard to deliver our custom mods to you.

For the time being, we have backported quite a few of the 1.6.2 changes to 1.5.2 and

our MMO mod (yes classes, skills, bosses etc) will be public soon !

A couple things you need to know before joining:

There's a chance that there's bugs we missed in the 3 months that our beta testing phase lasted. Any and all bugs are to be sent to plokami666 via a private message on the technic forum or on our dedicated forums. To get ranked up from Newborn to Commoner, you need to read the rules and then type /acceptrules.

Our server specs are the following:

  • Dedicated 64bit Ubuntu GNU/Linux Server.
  • Server grade CPU and RAM (8g).
  • 100mbit upload/download connection.
  • Dedicated SysAdmin. (Yes, this is a server spec)
  • 50 slots. Will expand when out of Open Beta.
  • Guaranteed entry for Donators.




Here is a list of our plugins*:

  • Essentials
  • GroupManager
  • HeroChat
  • Factions
  • AutoRank
  • WorldGuard
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldBorder
  • RPGTrades
  • RPGParty
  • RPGCLick
  • NoItem
  • Vault
  • CommandRank

* Plugin list is subject to change. We are constantly looking into adding new ones to enhance the

gaming experience of our players. We are open to suggestions.




Here is a list of rules that you are expected and required to follow.

  1. Ages 13+ only!
  2. Role play and keep OCC chat to a minimum.
  3. Use /nick to choose a fitting name.
  4. Use /realname to check the real name of a person you mean to send a whisper to.
  5. Join a faction!
  6. Do not bother staff with stupid questions. "Can you make it day?" is a perfect example of such.
  7. You can grief in the wilds.
  8. You can steal in the wilds.
  9. You can kill in the wilds.
  10. Doing any of the above in a faction town is a punishable crime.
  11. Factions can declare war against one another.
  12. Do not ask to be staff or OP. You will be able to apply on our website at a later date.
  13. Using any form of hacks/glitches/exploits will result in a permanent ban.
  14. Avoid internet slang and excessive use of profanities.
  15. No advertising, spamming, trolling or flaming.
  16. Respect EVERYONE. Even your enemies.
  17. Do not try and acquire disabled items!
  18. Above all, have fun!




This is the current Staff roster:

  • Owner and Creator: plokami666
  • Co-Owner: Scorpion2458
  • Co-Owner: Matthew_Russo/SevereRainstorm
  • Developer: Dr_Minecraftful
  • Developer: Marder1991
  • Developer: kwantakosta
  • Admin: NPC_Stalin
  • Admin: DaemonUmbra















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This server/modpack is great fun! The map is is four days old, the population of active users is super low, and the world gen is relatively untouched (I've been touching it all by my lonesome these past few days =/). Plenty to look around for with ars magica and mine fantasy. Wild caves makes mining more interesting, too. It'll be a little challenging at start due to a few vanilla recipes being changed but its nothing to complicated (copper to mine iron, instead of stone ;D). There are even a few mods that you don't see much of in other modpacks (necromancy, the camping mod, ancient warfare). I'd suggest joining right away before I find all the goodies!!!

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