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Chunk Loading Question - Minecarts vs Power


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So I've got lots of Equivalent Exchange systems, Nuclear & Coal Generator systems, machines, etc.. ANd they all work great with the purple "ChunkLoader Block", which I've scattered around (Thank god for REI's MiniMap chunk boundary lines).

However, it seems these ChunkLoader blocks don't work with Rail.. I've been using a Tunnel Bore to dig a 1km tunnel to where I found the Ender Portal, but it refuses to do anything unless I babysit it. Same thing for chest carts I shoot down the rail, once they go just a bit out of sight they seem to unload.

Today, I loaded up the ForeverALoad plugin (has't been running long enough to know if it's had any real effect).. And I've heard about the MinecartPermanence plugin, but didn't know if it would work for the RailCraft carts like the Bore.. Is there any "official" recommendation on how to get these to load? Or should it just be working and I've done something wrong?

P.S. Chuck.. Chunk.. yeah, I know...

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Most of these things seem to use the method of "check if chunk is unloaded, load if so" method, and I'm experimenting (slowly) with a new method based on forge's IChunkLoadHandler and Minecraft's world-load chunkloading code. It would be a great help to my effort if you could give very detailed descriptions of when the chunk-loading blocks and any other mods you use do and do not successfully keep chunks loaded.

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Well, from what I've seen so far the ChunkLoader block seems to work for everything RedPower/IC2/BC related, but not for anything rail related...

Initial impressions look good from the test of ForeverALoad (although I had to manually "register" the chunks I want to load.. they let you do it WorldEdit-style with a Bone and mark a giant region). I'll update when I know more.

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