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Upgraded From 1.1.5 to 1.1.8... So Far, So Good!


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I had been monitoring this thread when 1.1.8 was released and was anticipating some serious work in getting ids translated. However, when I compared NEI exports between 1.1.5 and 1.1.8, I found very few differences and most of those were either changes to the item/block name but the same object or additions. So, I decided to try the new server without and ID manipulation.

I unzipped the new server to a fresh directory. I started it up. I stopped it. I deleted the new world that was created on first startup. I then copied my "world" directory from my old server directory to the new one. I then started the server with my eyes closed. ;)

Surprisingly, there were no major hiccups. The server started up fine and I was able to login. My player inventory was intact. My keybinds for MPS were intact. My MPS Armour was intact and exactly as I had configured it. I ran to the Access terminal and winced as I right-clicked...

All our AE data appears to be present (and we have a LOT). Crafting recipes showed up and all items stored in MFR Deep Storage Units were accounted for. I watched the automated farm processes deposit items into our AE system via a Pipe Network (remnants of our original low-tech inventory system.)

I then ran to the Dimensional Door which linked to a pocket dimension which acts as a hub for all our remote locations. Went through without incident. Tried a few remote locations, went to the Nether, returned via Portal. No problems.

All this and the server appears to be running much faster. There is far less lag than there was before. I don't know if some of the server/mod settings were tuned or if this is because of the 1.5.2 engine.

I should add that I did not carry any configuration data over from my old server. I also did not activate any additional plugins. We were using ForgeEssentials on the old server but I left it off for now. Once we have a change to thoroughly explore our worlds looking for bugs or missing items, we will look at re-establishing FE.

Just thought I would share my positive experience amid all these negative ones. I hope your experience unfolds just as smoothly! :)

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