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Hey guys, I have been having so much trouble finding out what everything does as well as the values of items in Tekkit. Thus, I searched for the Tekkit wiki, the problem is the wiki is just a list of the mod and I have to enter every mod and then every item inside of their respective wiki's. It is a very tedious way of finding the info I need. I had recently been playing the Hexxit pack and the Wikia for the Hexxit pack is massive and almost completely filled with up-to-date info. So I'm coming to you guy who have been playing the Tekkit pack for much longer than me, to help fill up the Tekkit wikia so noobs like me can understand this extremely technical pack just a little bit better. Thanks in advance to all that do.

Tekkit Wikia

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There's an official wiki here, but unfortunately because there were wikis before it was created, those other wikis appear before it in google. Hopefully soon that won't be the case, but it's much better for everyone to focus on one, official wiki than all spreading out to separate ones which might not have accurate or detailed information.

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