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Tekkit server multiple warnings and errors!


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First off ive been running a bukkit server since 1.3.2 with much success. Today i decided to take the plunge and check out tekkit and hexxit mods and servers. So i start out with tekkit. Downloaded the 1.1.8 from main page boot it up and as the console window fills with info I see error after error. most warnings but a few severe. So many that i cant scroll back up too see all of them. Sitting here with what I can see in the window right now I have, Call getItem failed for electronicCircut, advacedCircuit, iridiumPlate, energyCrystal. Severe Universal Recipes: Error registering calclavia:ADVANCED BATTERY, battery_box,wrench,motor, and skipping down a few, MMMPS-SEVERE failed to get MFFS item, failed to get thermal expansion item teleport base,energyframefull theres more like STDERR Mekanism error while adding recipe...multiples of those too. I have changed nothing in any config filed folders and so on. I simply extracted rar, ran the .bat file. let it load, stopped and reloaded to make sure all files had been created and initialised. I have no clue where to go from here. Half tempted just to play SSP but who knows if the mods and such are loading correctly for he client either? anyways anyhelp would be awsome. I hope Ive given correct enough info.

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ok cool beans. Usually not finding this or not loading that leads to big errors and corrupt worlds later in my experience so was worried lol. Thanks for clearin that up :) One quick question though, are permissions needed with tekkit? cause those where a huge head ache with bukkit

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