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[1.1.10] Skyreach [PvE/PVP][25 Slots][No Whitelist] MCPC,Towny,LWC,Shops,Survival

Chad Waters

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Skyreach Tekkit

Server has been updated to Rec build 1.1.10

Welcome to Skyreach, If your looking for a safe place to Build your wildest creations without the Risk of griefing than you have come to the right place.

We use Towny for land protection as well as LWC (lwc has been custom coded to lock ALL Tekkit machines and Wires). Only you and the people you choose can work on your projects.

IP: play.skyreachmc.com

TeamSpeak: Skyreach.typefrag.com:8015

Pass: Skyreach

World Size:

50,000 (Will be expanded if needed)

Server Type:

Tekkit Quad-core 1.1.8

Dedicated Server



No Griefing spawn

No Hacking!

No X-Raying!

No Spawn Killing!

No Impersonation of any staff member or staff of a minecraft community website.

No Command or Message spamming!

No Advertising!

Dimensional Doors and Mystcraft removed for server Stability.



5700 MJ/t Fusion Reactor



Server Address:

IP: play.skyreachmc.com:25566


Auto Restart


Towny Chat


Craft Book


LWC (Custom Coded)







Item Restrict


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I am sorry you feel that way. However we generally have 10-20 on and your issue is not server related. Generally players with issues not logging in to solid ground are client related. I would check your current version of java as well as your internet connection. Let me know if I can be of further help.

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Quick warning for those looking to join:

Owner: appears to be somewhat immature.

Playerbase: very young, grief centric

Owner erased all towny towns and then has no problem with people griefing other people a few days after the town wipe. After all its their fault for not re setting up their town right away.

End game players go around griefing players just starting out for fun.

As for the server, its actually pretty good. smooth and stable and no lag at all. So thats a shame.

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I apologize for the delayed response, I have been out of the country and have had little chance to get online. The server has been rebuilt from the ground up starting with MCPC!

Unfortunately as part of the merge to MCPC some plugin data was not transferable, namely Towny data. However ALL towns were set in a 7 Day stasis and all owners refunded enough money to remake the necessary claims. Any towns not reclaimed after the 7 day Stasis period became open to griefing.

The reboot issue with the Server has been taken care off as well, Turns out that it was an issue with Galicticraft throwing exceptions.

It's also worth noting that this is a USA server, members connecting from other countries may experience "High Latency" wile in game. I strive to run a stable lag free Server but unfortunately I cant control your connection to the Server over Extreme long distance connections.

I look forward to seeing you In game! Dont hesitate to join and ask any questions you may have.

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The glactic craft has broken. when i try to log in because i logged out on the moon it comes up with the error "Internal Server Error" this means that galactic craft has been removed please can you replace it soon so i can get back to earth then take it out again please. I cant play till then and was planning on putting a Youtube video of it on Youtube for advitisement

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Galicticraft has been removed from the server due to overwheling Issues and bugs with the Mod causing crashes and continued corruption of the moon. Once Tekkit has updated to a point where Galicticraft is at least in a semi playable state it will be re added to the server. All players experiencing the issue stated above have been teleported to the overworld and will be able to log in normally.

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