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How to remove Battle Towers


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Hello community we need advice on how to remove battle towers from our Hexxit. We have confirmed that the only thing that crashes Hexxit is uncovering new land in which a battle tower spawns. Since they spawn every few feet in the ocean and every mile lets say on land we find this unplayable.

After months of testing we found it is the mod for battle towers that needs to go. Any advice on de-activation of this mod?

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I have tried deleting mods before and it doesn't always work well. you might want to make a copy of your world or server before doing that just in case.

Removing a mod from the mods folder of your server will work 100% of the time, guaranteed. And it will work just fine for all players, whether they remove the mod from their installs or not (infact best leave it in on clients, for compatibility).

I'm curious where you got the idea that removing a mod doesn't always remove the mod? That's like saying removing the engine from a car doesn't always stop it from starting up.

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I was playing on a Tekkit server and I tried removing a few mods that I didn't really like, such as Thermal Expansion, but then my server wouldn't start properly. I also tried adding mods, which didn't work well either. Anyway I just gave up after a while when I realized that Tekkit Classic was what I wanted.

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