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Old vs New


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I just recently started playing Tekkit again. I believe I previously played 1.3.2, but I could be wrong. I had a pretty specific system I used to quickly source power and materials, but a lot of the tools I used to get there appear to have been removed.

Energy Condensor

Energy Collector

Alchemy Bags

Jet Packs


Equivalent Exchange system as a whole...

Have these items been replaced or were they completely removed? Also is there a good website for the new version specifically which has information and recipes for all the new items you can build?

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I'd start here (the official tekkit wiki) for a list of the mods, and then go here for a list of replacements for mods you may be use to from tekkit classic.

That said, as a more specific answer, the items you mention are from EE2 (Equivalent Exchange 2) and it has been replaced with EE3, which is still in development, and consists of the minium stone (philosophers stone with durability) and some transmutations using it.

While I think that the new tekkit is pretty awesome (Applied Energistics is simply the best mod I've ever used), if you want to play the older tekkit, it is available in the tekkit launcher under "tekkit classic"

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You are thinking of Tekkit Classic. (MC 1.2.5) It's still there if you want it.

Click the button on the top of this page that says 'wiki'. It has or can tell you where to find all the information on the new, and quite frankly- far better, mods.

EDIT: Ninja'd. :P

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