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[2.0.4] SE - Electric StormCraft [24/7] [Pvp] [Grief] [Dedicated]

Joshua Tack

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Everything you'll need to know about the server will be listed below.

Server type:

We run high quality servers. 24/7 (unless they crashed or are under construction)

The server restarts every 10 hours to reduce the chance of crashing or stay down

because of crash for to long.


Fore everyone thats wondering; We are not asking for staff. Just to let you know.

Whats allowed and what isn't:

Lets start of with the rules,

  • PVP is allowed (quite obvious since its Voltz)
  • Spamming/advertising = permanent ban.

NOTE: I like you or i don't. Respect me and the others and i will do the same.

being rude will get you banned! I want respect from and for everyone!

  • Do not ask for items from staff members. Trading with others is allowed.

  • I(owner) do NOT trade any item. I'm not a shop.

  • Do not ask for things to be added into the in-game shop. It stays mineCRAFT

  • Those are probably the most important things you'll need to know. All rules are listed in the server spawn.

you'll also find important info on the website: http://shadoweyes.enjin.com


We Offer more then just PVP. We also have minigames made by me and 100% made for Voltz

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