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Biofuel Generator Math


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make sure there is space between each wood block for the cocoa bean to be planted!!! the edges need one block, and 2 blocks between each line of wood.

edit: the wood has to be INSIDE the plant area otherwise it wont plant.

Thank you very much. I got it. I was placing the planter 1 block too high.

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I have found you have to place saplings except for oak in a checker board pattern, just put cobble in the ground every other block, because when other trees grow they uproot saplings next to them.

I use coca but it is a major pain as I know no way to automatically plant them in this mod pack.

Cocoa can be used in the planter. You place the cocoa in there and you put down jungle wood blocks so they can grow on them.

Edit: Gorian, you don't need a fruit picker. Harvester works just fine. That's not to say you can't use it but if you wanted to put cocoa on an existing farm it would work just fine.

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