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Well, I would like to know with which mods should I start, what machines to make in the begining, and so on.

I don't have any real experience with mods, since I've always been a bit lazy to explore them, but this modpack seems fun, and I would like to know which steps I should follow.

Thank you in advance (:

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personally I always start out w/ efficiency items. So make a cheap grind stone first and use it to process your ores (you'll get 2 ingots for every ore). That will QUICKLY become tiring so move up to a pulverizer and a powered furnace. You'll need to power those so make yourself some engines and slap em on each machine. This will get you set up to go in any direction you want. You can build a powerplant and more advanced machines or start designing your ideal base. Either way you'll have the basic machines to process all you bring home.

Best advice I can give you is check out the items in the game and look up in the wiki (or youtube) anything that looks interesting. Don't be lazy when it comes to the mods in this pack. You'll miss most of the fun if you play Tekkit like it's vanilla.

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